Some reports on real optimization projects are given below. To view these projects, please click on the "Read more".
We tried to describe the key steps of optimization process in every project description. 
There are three examples of optimization based on real projects:

Thus it is an algorithm of optimization that we use in any optimization project: 
  1. Determination of goals and criteria of optimization – i.e. what object characteristics must be improved? 
  2. Determination of parametres (variables) of optimization and constrains – i.e. what can be changed in your object?
  3. Simulation of real physical process in the object or system with mathematical models or engineering applications (for example, 3D CAD, CFD or FEA software) – i.e. we perform analysis of the object functional purpose.
  4. Integration of mathematical models or engineering applications with optimization technology – i.e.  we customize the optimization process.
  5. Control of the optimization process.